Oct 3, 2017

End of the year shows

Here's where I'm going to be showing my work and selling my merch for the last months of 2017

★ OCT / 7 → SA Zine Fest ★ San Antonio
★ OCT / 26 → Pop up at Vida Subterránea Discos (con Ediciones Joc Doc) ★ Ciudad de México
★ NOV / 10 → Pop up at BULLET's Bar (con CNCPCN) ★ Tokyo
★ NOV / 26 → Rot Fest ★ Austin
★ DEC / 9-10 → Comic Arts LA ★ Los Angeles

See you there!

☆ ☆ ☆

My Gatosaurio shop will keep running all year thanks to two lovely assistants I will be hiring here in Texas. And after October 20 the shop will be changing! Instead of individual items we will only be offering surprise grab bags! So if you want to get a specific item do it before that date (don't say I didn't tell ya!) But if you like surprise and cheap dealz, you're gonna love our new offerings ; )

☆ ☆ ☆

EDIT: I wrote some complaints here about how making comics hurts my back but I think I'm going to rearrange those and write something more thorough later about my work process. Lately I've been very into editing and deleting posts. The internet can be overwhelming, specially when you manage different pages and social media things. Sometimes I don't want to have to interact with a post any more and I delete it. The faster the internet becomes, and the more social media tries to emulate quotidianity and the feeling of "hanging out" with other people, the more necessary it becomes for part of the information to be ephemerous. Not everything is relevant enough to be saved permanently in your world wide registry.

Alright, take it easy, I'll see ya later.....