Mar 13, 2017

South West Roadtrip 2016

Lately I've been thinking a lot about blogs and getting all nostalgic about the 00s internet. I'm tired of feeling this craving for my phone, checking social media every few minutes and being distracted most of the time. It's really easy how it gets you! So now I've decided I want to go back a bit to that slower paced internet. Part of that is that I want to post more on this blog, no schedule but I'll let you know on my twitter and instagram (@inechii) every time I make a post here!

This has been in my mind since I went on a roadtrip with my friend (and super talented illustrator!) Hellen Jo this past December. We drove from Los Angeles, to San Antonio... well, actually Hellen did all the driving since I don't know how to, haha. It was really nice and fun! The outside world, and the US right now can feel unfriendly and scary, and rightfully so, but that is also a magnified perspective we get through the internet. Outside, life goes on and people are doing their things. Being on the road felt good, not because it felt like the shit that's going down wasn't happening, but because it made it clear that also other things are happening... and the majority of us are just struggling to live our lifes, and do the least harm possible...

These are all the diary comics I made of our adventures and some photos (most taken by Hellen!) I also printed a zine with them that you can get at my shop ; )

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