Sep 8, 2016


This year I finally sold all the copies I had left of Ojitos Borrosos, my first book and my first self-published collection of short comics. I printed a thousand of them, because when you print something in offsett that's usually the minimum number of copies you have to print. It sounds like a lot, and it really is a lot, so considering that, it isn't so bad that it took me about 4 years to sell all of them. The book did pretty good, people liked it and it got nominated for "Best collection" and "Best Artist" at the Ignatz awards in 2012. It obviously didn't win but just to know that something I did out of a dinky table in my bedroom in Mexico City was being acknowledged by "the comics world" felt good. 2012 was an explosive year for me, the year I was finally able to make a living making whatever the fuck I wanted, and I'm glad to say I haven't stopped doing that. I've also gotten my comics put out by actual publishers, all whom have been a joy to work with: C'est Bon Kultur put out Lapsos, Breakdown Press put out Sindicalismo 89, I did a mini full colour book of short comics for Kuš! and Ediciones Valientes put out Traducciones and is now working on a spanish edition of Lapsos. Making books is a hard way to make money, but I've learned now that if you want to get the most profits possible, self-publishing is the best way to go. Also if you want to have control over everything, or if you don't want to wait to see who wants to put out your stuff... It may seem daunting to invest so much at once, and then have to sell a thousand books by yourself, but it is not impossible!

After realizing I only had 3 copies left of Ojitos Borrosos, it came to me in a dream that it was necessary that I put out what would be like the second volume of that. And so is born Impatience, which compiles my favourite short comics I've made from 2012 to 2016. This time (unlike with Ojitos Borrosos) I had so much material I actually left out all the stuff I didn't like as much. I remember feeling with Ojitos Borrosos that I had to include EVERYTHING otherwise it was not going to be thick enough to be a book. Now I feel like I chose only the quality stuff and left out all the filler. It includes all the comics from Borrowed Tails (that mini Kuš!), Sindicalismo 89 (now with fancy shading), Traducciones (with a slightly better ending, which was the one I originally planned but somehow discarded), the best of Pachecomics, Ghost Girl (which ran on VICE last year), C.S. (that comic I made for Sacred Prism) and my best strips for The Believer Magazine.

I've always been obsessed with books as beautiful objects, so I really wanted to go all out with this one. I'm pretty happy with how it came out, and also that I got to print it in Mexico City. I went there to visit my friends and family in August, as a "vacation only trip" and ended up printing this. My friends make fun of me that I can't take a break, and it's true. I've come to understand that I'm an obsessive person, and if I don't focus my mind on productive things it goes on to obsess about stupid shit. Gotta keep myself busy and out of negative loops!

I feel like most of these comics have come out of that, feeling anxious or desperate. Instead of just suffering, I start weaving stories, using all of what amazes and terrifies me as an inspiration. I know a lot of people think my work is autobiographical, but I don't think it is any more than any other fiction book. Of course there's a lot of things there based on reality, but none of the characters are supposed to be me. Anyway, I don't care what you project unto it, in the end that's what makes it all more interesting! Different perceptions of the same thing make it more than it is just by itself.

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Impatience will be debuting at Entreviñetas, Short Run Seattle, Zine Fest Houston and Comic Arts LA. There will also be two release parties for it, Mexico City and one in San Antonio to which everyone is more than invited to come! If you can't come you can preorder the book at my webshop / y acá esta el link para la preventa exclusiva para México. Also if you're interested in distributing copies, I can offer you wholesale price! Contact me at gatosaurio (at) gmail for more info : )

See you soon! / ¡Ahi nos vemos!