Jan 29, 2016

Originals for sale

I'm selling some originals from 2008-2015 because I'd rather give them to someone who will appreciate them rather than have them stashed away in a closet at my mom's house. Your purchase would be greatly welcome for that, and also because I have to pay rent, bills, medical stuff and other bullshit that happens when you live in this world. Anyway, making drawings is my full time job thanks to YOU (the internet) and I love it! So, time to spread these old ones around and make room for some new ones!

To buy, please contact me at gatosaurio at gmail.com with the name of the piece(s) you want. You can see the measurements in centimeters on each photo. Payment is via paypal only, world wide shipping is included. Pieces will ship flat in a cardboard envelope and I will also send you some stickers and postcards. I will be updating this as soon as pieces get sold, so if it doesn't say "sold", it's still available! Thanks for looking


Adentro (2/5) *SOLD

Afuera (2/5) *SOLD

Manglar *SOLD

Peine *SOLD

Paseo *SOLD

Infinicat *SOLD

Pastora *SOLD

Guerrero *SOLD

Fauna *SOLD

Receptáculos *SOLD

1986 *SOLD

Diosa *SOLD

Casa Humboldt *SOLD

Coral *SOLD

Salta *SOLD

Tejas *SOLD

Gato práctico *SOLD


Carne *SOLD

Serpiente *SOLD

Nature *SOLD

Cueva *SOLD

Germs *SOLD

Female Secrets *SOLD

Hunter *SOLD

Greñuda *SOLD

Llorona *SOLD

Meona *SOLD

Pedorra *SOLD


Exitstance (set of 4 pages) *SOLD

We have so much in common *SOLD

Wondering *SOLD

Train *SOLD