Jun 10, 2014

New comics and prints

I'm back from Chicago and CAKE was amazing! Thanks to everyone that dropped by. For those of you who missed it,
I finally put up all my new things up for sale at Gatosaurio. All prices include world wide shipping!

CS is my newest mini comic, published by Sacred Prism. It's a sort of love story, 16 pages long and printed beautifully in risograph with neon pink and green. Get it for $7





I reprinted my comic Exitstance... yeah, the one that is obscenely popular on tumblr,
but looks even better on your shelves! Get yours for $5


And this pack of 3 mini zines is now for grabs. Includes the hit comic "Cómo saber si ya estas muy frito",
plus "Meta Torta Física" and Huesitos, a mini zine about bones. Get all of these for just $6

Mini pack

Meta torta física

Como saber si ya estas muy frito


I also made prints of some of my favorite pieces from 2008 to 2014. Printed on a matte, almost cardstock paper
with highly saturated inks. There are nineteen different designs and each goes for $10!



In other comic related news... Lapsos volume I is going to be published in english this fall by C’est Bon Kultur (Sweden) and will be debuting at the Helsinki Comics Festival. This book will contain all 3 issues (plus extra content!) in hardcover and will be printed partly in colour and partly in duotone (blue and neon red). I’m super excited to be able to finally announce this!


I made some postcards with this image that I'm sending for free with all orders from my shop!


  1. Hi, could you change the size notations on your prints in your shop, please? It says 8x10, which the paper isn't. Only the size of the actual design is larger than 8x10 too, so people either have to spend a lot more to frame them or crop the image. I just ordered from you and this was really disappointing, especially since your shop says the prints are 8x10.

    1. I'm sorry Meredith, the size is an approximation. Also, if you have any complaints in the future please let me know via email, since I don't check the comments on this blog so often.