May 5, 2014

2014 up until now

I've been too lazy to post on this dear blog for too long!
Here is a run down of what's been going on so far....

Before 2014 started, I made a calendar for it with some 2013 (and older) drawings. I made it mostly for myself, but printed a few extra copies which, to my surprise, were sold really fast. Which left me thinking that I will definitely be making another calendar for 2015!



In January I traveled through Perú, Chile and Bolivia with my friend Mayra. I filled a thick notebook with drawings, you can see all of it at Vice MX, here is part 1 and part 2. These were some of my favorite pages








I also made a zine with a these and other of the "best" pages, which is now sold out (I only printed 60 copies)


Then in March I made some ink drawings about nature and destruction/creation and made a zine with them title Ascensión Horizontal after this amazing song by Television I was obsessed with during that month. I printed 60 copies and coloured each cover by hand with crayons and markers. It is now almost sold out as well





In April this comic that I worked on during December was finally printed. It is 48 pages long and my first comic to be published in spanish (and my second to be published by someone that is not me) so it was really exciting. It was great to work with Manuel López from Ediciones Valientes (Valencia, Spain), he did such a good job as an editor and the printing turned out really good too. Muy guay, muy chingón. You can get a copy here!
The comic is about this translator girl who works from home and is in a long distance relationship, and how she is kind of going crazy from all that. But she is also a normal person with friends, and she hangs out and rides a bike and eats tacos and has some weird dreams. It's not really a story about anything, but more like a reflexion on how sad it is that life seems kind of pointless but at the same time that's the good thing and you just have to enjoy it.

A few weeks ago I just finished a new comic titled CS, which will be published by Sacred Prism by the end of this month, and it's already available for preorder! I'm excited about it, since it's going to be risographed in green and neon pink. This one is pretty short, just 16 pages, and it's about a microscopic being, and how maybe everything is connected, or something like that... I don't really want to give away the story! Here are some pages for now...



Now for more miscellaneous news... I made a ton of shit for Vice, my only and almost steady job.
I made this illustration for this short story, La Alberca

Wrote some articles for my Vice column too (in spanish, as always) about: Mould Map 3, Picture Box and some about a bit of everything in the zine world from December and February. I also made this comic about "how to know if you brain is too fried already" that a lot of people liked (because they all have their brains fried, obviously). It's one of those things I would never translate because I wouldn't be able to figure out how to make it funny in english, but if you know spanish here it is


I also made some strips for The Believer



And worked on new shit for Gatosaurio (my web shop), a postcard for a new sticker pack design and some new buttons




In February I painted this mural at a friend's house in Guadalajara. I painted it one night, and the next morning, the sunlight surprised me coming through the window making this cool play with the painting. True magic!


And then on April I made a pair of leggings and a skirt in collaboration with Petiti Suiz. They turned out really awesome, the print was sublimated and looks like the pattern was drawn onto the fabric with markers. These pictures were taken by Mayra and the models were Karo and me






They're already sold out and I'd really like to make more but I'm totally unacquainted with the production of clothing and it's too much for me to get into right now... gotta concentrate on other shit for now... ; ^ )

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  1. you are amazing Ines and you are so busy working, it's amazing to see you doing what you love! Keep it up!