Jul 8, 2013

Perros, víboras y dinosaurios

Right now I am working on a full color mini book to be published by the amazing Kuš! and also on the third issue of Lapsos, so while those projects get done, here's a recollection of comics I've done that you CAN read right now!

The second issue of Lapsos, which debuted on TCAF this May, is finally available at Gatosaurio.
Also you can now get both issues for only $10!

lapsos i-ii
lapsos i-ii

I made a comic for š! #13, Life Is Live. This is page 2 out of 4, and the story is about what happens when a Man o War stings you (...it involves peeing).


This was for the third issue of Weird, a very cool anthology from Baltimore. This is page 1 out of 2...


A gag for May's issue of The Believer magazine


A gross comic for Kovra 5, a great anthology from Spain.

hot dog

College dog concluded its run at Vice MX, here's my favorite strip of the series

perro universitario

A comic I got commissioned to do. It was really fun! I'd love it to have more people commissioning me to turn their memories into comics!


I also wrote some reviews for Vice MX, about TCAF, belgian comics and the SUBNRMAL exhibition (all in spanish)
"Lo más cabrón del festival de cómics de Toronto"
"Cuatro cómics bien belgas"

¡No se pierdan mi columna Tebeo Tropical, cómics y reseñas todos los viernes!

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  1. Eres adorable =) Me encantan tus comics.