May 26, 2013

Crack + Škver!

I will be attending these comic festivals in June

June 9 -16 / Lošinj, Croatia

June 20 - 23 / Rome, Italy

I also had the honour of doing the illustration for the poster of Crack, here it is

crack poster

My webshop will be closed for the month and will re open on the 1st of July,
but meanwhile you can still order my comics from my favorite stockists

Quimby's / Chicago, US
Domino Books / Brooklyn, US
Fatbottom / Barcelona, Spain

See you soon!

May 21, 2013

Canerdian rubble beach

I'm back from a week in Toronto, and as always it was a great pleasure to see all my drawing friends and meeting new ones. TCAF was pretty good, I'll be reviewing my favorite acquisitions in this week's Tebeo Tropical.

Here is a notebook that was gifted to me by Edie Fake while hanging out at a bar. I drew most of it, but I also collaborated with him and Keith Jones in it. There's also one drawing by Michael DeForge there






One of my favorite parts of my trip was biking to the east side of the city out to lake Ontario. It's an industrial area and the edges of the lake (which is so big you could think it is some sort of waveless beach) are filled with rubble and construction waste. It was like the perfect mixture of apocaliptic trash and wild nature. Sadly, the only thing I was capable of taking a picture of during this week was Keith's cat, Wicked Tuna.


May 9, 2013


See you this weekend at Wowee Zonk Small Press Room in TCAF, Toronto! I'm super excited to be part of this space again for the third time. I'll be sharing my table with my dear friend Lala, whith whom I also made a new split erotic zine titled Geomephilia. I'll also be debuting the second issue of Lapsos! This is most of what you can find at our table...

tcaf 2

I'll also have a selection of mexican zines from my distro, Gatosaurio, which includes work by Ediciones ¡Joc Doc!, Hotel para Fantasmas, Monocromo, Edwin Sandoval, Ediciones Hungría, Mou and more! You can see some of them below


See ya there!