Mar 24, 2013

de regreso del nortesur

loba trailera


I stayed at three different places in Monterrey, all with very nice people. One of them was Pipa's house, which is filled with cool garbage. It's so big she even has a shop in it, la Ula Ula. I drew some angles of it...

casa de pipa 1

casa de pipa 3

casa de pipa 4

The last night I spent there, we organized a small event in which I drew with a projector while
Coñópteros (Mou and Jaime Martinez) and Eliud Varela played. I'd like to do more shit like this!

dibujando en vivo con coñopteros

dibujando en vivo con eliud varela

Then I spent a weekend in Texas, eating trash and being a retard with my friend Edwin

sn antonio

Now I'm back at the drawing cave... I have to finish the second issue of Lapsos so it can be ready for TCAF in May. I'm also working on a small book for my friends from Kuš!

So much comics coming up...!

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