Jan 19, 2013


I made a zine with this ink drawings of cats. You can get a copy for free by ordering anything during this month from my new webshop, Gatosaurio!

miau 1

miau  2

miau 4

miau 5

Jan 13, 2013

té, mezcal y tatuajes

Here are some illustrations I've done recently

* A business card for a local tea house

la magia del te

la magia del te reverso

* A label for a friend's artisan mezcal, which he sells at his bar in Guanajuato

* Some tattoo commissions, a tiger and a fox

tattoo - tiger

tattoo - fox

Jan 10, 2013

Lapsos I-I

Lapsos is a project I've been thinking about since August last year, but only until recently could I dedicate it the time it needed. It's my first long comic series, and I plan to release the first volume (comprised of 3 issues) this year. It's about a story contained in a story inside the story of a story... part of it are the adventures of a couple of friends in Mexico City and other dimensions.

I am taking subscriptions for the first volume, with which you would be getting all issues for cheaper plus a bunch of extra exclusive things like mini-zines, prints and more comics!

You can subscribe and read the first 19 pages at Gatosaurio

Jan 8, 2013

basura - primviernotoño 2012

I haven't made a sketchbook post since August last year...
I kept putting it off and more and more drawings piled up like garbage. Here's a selection of "the best"

I used some of these for my zine Abortos... I only have a few left!







dame todo lo que traigas morro