Dec 27, 2012

Gang Bang Bong 3 and the BCGF

The BCGF happened more than one month ago, but I think I have finally processed the experience so I can tell you how awesome it was. That saturday, Ginette Lapalme and I debuted the third issue of our yearly comic anthology, Gang Bang Bong. The cover was done by Paul Paetzel and features an incredible lenticular detail!

I think this has been our best issue so far... you can see more of it at our site and our tumblr or check out this preview at The Beat. Unfortunately it is not yet available online, but I can tell you it was a huge success at the show. The print run was of 150 copies, of which I sold almost half that day.

My contribution to the issue (asides from editing it, translating it and printing the covers)
was this illustration for the inside of the back cover


I also colaborated with Ginette on this poster which was beautifully printed by Color Code printing in Toronto


In the midst of the crazy busy fest, I ran away from my table to participate in the "Emerging International Comics Network" panel, along with the amazing european cartoonists Tommi Musturi and Dunja Jankovic and also the publisher Carmela Chergui from Frémok. Needless to say I felt very out of place amongst such giants, but I carried on pretending I was totally fine. Thanks to Bill Kartalopolous for inviting me to the panel, aand for taking this picture below. The one on the bottom, that features me with Dunja was taken by Elisa Malo.


Our panel got a nice mention at this review of the fest from The Publisher's Weekly. Speaking of reviews, I also wrote this one for Vice about some of my favorite comics I got at the fest (in spanish).

That weekend was amazing and kind of a breaking point for me in many ways. I am really looking forward to attending next year and I am very thankful for everyone who said hi or got something from my table. On the plane back (which took 5 hours) I filled a notebook with comics about my adventures. It might be seeing the light soon, but it still feels too dear and raw to share with the world.

Meanwhile I suggest you read this comic review of the fest by Simon Hanselmann. He didn't attend but because of his telepathic mind and use of black magic, what he protrays is probably more accuarate than anything else I could say.

Dec 3, 2012

Assorted Café con Leche print packages

Hello! First of all thanks to everyone who's bought original art from me. I still have some pieces available, they will be up until Dec. 9th!

As you know I am moving, and also Café con Leche is saying good bye for ever this year. Starting next year I will be opening a new online shop, gatosaurio.com! It will be awesome! Stay tuned for that.

But before that, I need to get rid of a bunch of Café con Leche things. I have a lot of prints that may be of interest to you, they are high quality, full color prints, some in glossy cardboard and others in lightweight paper. They are ideal to hang on your walls, scrapbooking, collage making, or whatever other use you may find for them.

I have 4 packs available, they all include more than 20 random prints.
Get yours now or never!!!

***THEY'RE ALL GONE!!!!! thank you

Assorted Café con Leche prints package

Assorted Café con Leche prints package

Assorted Café con Leche prints package

Thanks for all your support and happy new year!