Aug 28, 2012

Poster for Rock en Seine

I made this poster for The Asteroids Galaxy Tour at Rock en Seine.

It was exhibited during the festival, along with other 62 posters (one for each band)
All of them were compiled and printed in a portfolio... of which I can't wait to get my copy!

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

Aug 20, 2012

Anime fanarts

Some drawings of animes I like: Sakura Card Captors and Digimon
And this perfect shoujo inspired face...






Este jueves celebramos el 4o aniversario de Café con Leche en uno de
nuestros lugares favoritos del DF, el Comedor! No se lo pierdan!
Para más información visiten el evento en facebook

Aug 17, 2012

New comics / Ignatz nominations

I have two new comics available!
Both are printed in two editions, one in english and another in spanish, so you can enjoy them without having to read annoying subtitles.

One is about a dog who goes to university. It's just dumb jokes about how stupid school is and how anyone who pretends to try a little can get passing grades, even a dog. It is also being serialized (in color!) in The Believer magazine. You can get it at Café con Leche

Perro Universitario

Perro Universitario

The other one is about this guy who got stuck while trying to put a sweater on. I guess it's a bit of an analogy about being depressed and how everyone thinks you're just making your life more difficult with little problems. And maybe you just are. But whatever. I just wanted to make something funny about something sad. It is also available at Café con Leche

The man with the half put sweater
The man with the half put sweater

Also, guess what?! My book Ojitos Borrosos got nominated for two Ignatz awards, for Outstanding Artist and Outstanding Collection. I was totally not expecting this (or anything at all...) and I'm really excited about it. Cheers to my pals Patrick and Mickey who also got nominated!

I won't be able to attend SPX, but Kevin Czap will be doing me the honour of selling my book there, so check out his table if you wanna flip through it or get one.

Aug 8, 2012

Pin Oops

This is a weirdo porn zine I did for fun.
I printed it in a big format and comes with 10 sexy "ladies" and a full color poster.

You can order it at Café con Leche!

pin oops

pin oops inside

pin oops poster

Speaking of zines, I have a few in The Reading Nook, a zine themed show that opened last week at
Narwhal Art Projects in Toronto (go check it out!). You can also see photos of the opening here!