May 28, 2012

iris punzoarcante

Some new things to be displayed at the book launch of Ojitos Borrosos 

Que no se les olvide que ya es este Miércoles, se va a poner chido!


mama búfalo



Some nice mentions:

My canadian tocaya Inez wrote some nice things about me in her TCAF review, you can read it at Magic Pony's blog. Magic Pony is a beautiful store in Toronto which is now carrying my new book and some of my sticker packs!

I was also interviewed for Albino.mx ...in spanish, sorry! /// Ustedes que pueden leerla, háganlo bajo su propio riesgo: digo pura mamada y la palabra "como" un chingo de veces.

May 24, 2012

Tebeos tropicales

La otra semana se me pasó poner aca lo del tebeo tropical, así que en este post les traigo
no uno si no dos tebeos! Espero que les gusten.


Augusto y su Manzana 2
augusto y su manzana 2

Y mañana nos vemos en el Centro Cultural España, vamos a andar ahi
en el Encuentro de Editores Iberoamericanos

May 20, 2012

DIY Magic

I recently got my copies of DIY Magic by Anthony Alvarado, published by Floating World Comics!

This book compiles all of Anthony's essays about "expanding yr mind n creativity" (according to me) from the now defucnt Arthur Mag. Also it was illustrated by various amazing line crafters, which makes it even more "magical". Oh that, and the fucking sweet silver foil cover!

Here are some pictures of the book and my illustrations for it


diy magic - paan

Thanks to Jason for the invite and for his endless support by distro-ing my comics at Floating World!

May 19, 2012

Alien invention

I had the honour of contributing a drawing (this one) for my dear Lala's new zine: Alien Invasion 2. She's now taking orders for both issues! (More info at her blog). Her drawings are amazing! Your eyeballs will be pleased and you'll be infinetly inspired.

alien invention

May 18, 2012

Fiesta en Piyama

Fiesta en Piyama is the illustrated version of Piyama Party’s first album. I made this for a proyect about turning albums into zines, which was originally planned by my friend Mou and ended up being published only by Nrmal.

You can download the album here and order a copy of the zine at Café con Leche!

fiesta en piyama
fiesta en piyama
fiesta en piyama

Los chavos de Nrmal también me hicieron una halagadora reseña en su blog : --- )

May 15, 2012

Ojitos Borrosos en Vértigo y más

Ojitos Borrosos is now available online at Café con Leche for only $13 N. America / $15 World!
You can also find it at Desert Island (Brooklyn), Floating World Comics (Portland) Quimby's (Chicago) and Magic Pony (Toronto).

Este miércoles 30 de Mayo será la presentación oficial en la Galería Vértigo.
Además de los libros, podrán ver los dibujos originales de los comics y otras ilustraciones que he hecho...
sólo estarán en exhibición ese día asi que no se lo pierdan!

ojitos borrosos en vertigo

En este mes también estaré con Café con Leche en la Feria Universitaria del Libro Independiente del Claustro (16-17 de Mayo) y en el Encuentro de Editores Iberoamericanos del Centro Cultural España (25 y 26 de Mayo)


Este fue un regalo sorpresa que hice para mi presentación. A todos los que compraron el libro mi libro ese día, les regalé este paquete de mini serigrafias con un sticker... super edición especial!

paquetito de mini serigrafias

paquetito de mini serigrafias

May 14, 2012

TCAF people

I'm back from the beautiful northern lands of Canada. I didn't get to ride a moose but I had a real good time.
Ginette and I made a zine of which all copies will be special and different. I'll put some for sale soon, but meanwhile you can look at pictures of one at her tumblr. I also ate the best bowl of rice and eel, ethiopian food for the first time, and other delicious things made by Patrick. Thank you both for having me!

I also got to hang out with a bunch of cool people, which I drew all in the plane back. Click it for high res!

tcaf 2012

May 1, 2012


The Toronto Comics fest is happening this weekend! I’ll be sitting with my friends from Woweezonk along with Lala and other cool people. We will be in this hidden corner cave below the stairs on the first floor. Do not be afraid to venture in it, we will have awesome things. I'll be bringing most of our Café con Leche stuff along with my new book, Ojitos Borrosos. See ya there!

ojitos descansando