Feb 23, 2012

muchas cosas

Some things that are going on right now (while others are kept secret)


_________-- Piyama Party LP ZINE ---- Coming soon by NRML --_________

Va a salir en Marzo, mes en el que también va a estar Roi representando
a Café con Leche (o sea nosotros dos) en el mercadito del Festival Nrml!


*_*_* angry beast summoner *_*_*

>>------> >>------> >>------> >>------> >>------ >>------> >>------> >>------>

DIY MAGIC >>------> floating tank

D.I.Y MAGIC by Anthony Alvarado is also coming in March from Floating World Comics!

Featuring illustrations by Lala, Maureen Gubia, Aidan Koch, Tommi Musturi, Ron Regé Jr. and other amazing people .......... and me...

The articles are really nicely written and talk about different exercises you can do to **expand your mind** (without drugs), going from almost poetic jokes to more in depth personal studies. This was the illustration I did for the chapter on floating tanks... which is an experience I've never had but sounds cool..

You can preorder it aleady and I will also have some copies at Café con Leche for your ordering pleasure later on.

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