Jan 31, 2012

fett / š! / pupa

I just got this in the mail!
Fett is a norwegian feminist magazine and every december they put out a special comic issue, which they kindly invited me to last year! The issue looks awesome, but I can't read it haha : ' (


That's a spread from the comic I made for it, which you can read (in spanish) at Vice.

Also, guess what? The beautiful issue of š! #9 (for which I made the cover and a comic) won the prize to best alternative comic at Angouleme which is a very important comic festival in France, where comics are, very important matters. I'm so happy about this! It is very well deserved. Cheers to Kuš!

š! 9

By the way, we have some copies of this issue for sale at Café con Leche!
Get them fast because we got a limited supply ; - )

I've been working on a bunch of new things, which unfortunately I cannot post here yet... but meanwhile here's one of the pages from a comic I did for PUPA, an upcoming book with an amazing theme: insects!
It will be debuting at TCAF, to which, hopefully, I'll be attending again this year!

Jan 18, 2012


We have a new zine at Café con Leche! It's a pair of two small sized accordeon like books filled with colorful characters. It's perfect for looking through or using as a decoration! You can get it at our webshop.

Jan 2, 2012

adentro / afuera

Two girls for "printed matter", opening at Giant Robot (Los Angeles) next week



I made 5 prints of each, all with different colors and patterns : )