Sep 22, 2011

Sep 20, 2011

Monsterbation cumming soon


That's my piece there in the flyer! Yay!
Jfish did the awesome type (and he's also the man behind this show!)

Be sure not to miss this if you're in Portland!
...Especially if you like seeing monsters in sexual situations..

For more info check Facebook event

Sep 18, 2011

handpainted sneakers

I just finished this pair last week! they are strawberry watermelon flavoured.

fresa melon sandia


These ones I painted them last year. They are totally fucked up now, not white like in this picture...

Sep 8, 2011

tebeo tropical: tipos de mierda

Hoy se inaugura "Tebeo tropical", mi columna de cómics en Vice México donde estaré posteando mensualmente, y de forma intercalada, dos cómics mios y dos cómics de otros artistas invitados también de habla hispana.

En esta primera entrega presento un cómic no muy cómic (aunque espero que sí cómico) en el cual ilustré mis tipos de mierda favoritos.

Pueden checar futuros posts de Tebeo Tropical acá en Vice, aunque si ya están suscritos a este blog no se perderán de mucho ya que estaré posteando aqui todo lo que se irá subiendo allá...


Today I start a new column at Vice Mexico titled "Tebeos tropicales" where I'll be posting comics made by me and other spanish-speaking comic-making friends.

You can read the first installment here, in which I illustrated my favorite shit types.

I will be posting all the comics I make for it here at my blog too, where I will also be subtitling them for anyone who's interested in reading them and doesn't know spanish... this one being the exception as most of it isn't even translatable... You can still look at all the poops there.. poop is funny!!!

tebeos tropicales: tipos de mierda

Sep 6, 2011

August sketchbook

matando tiempo

I scanned these pages to show you my "process" for comic planning.
Here is the layout plus character sheets for a 4 pager I did for the upcoming Lodaçal 3




...and something from my back-to-school notes


Also, here's an interview with me by my friend Nick Gazin about the second issue of Gang Bang Bong!