May 16, 2011


so yeah, you know, I was in canada. it was amazing! tcaf was the best comic fest I've ever been to (even if I've only been to 2 so far) but yeah it was really cool.

The week before that I spent most of my time there just hanging and checking everything out because everything seems to be nice there. Well half that, and the other half I spent watching a lot of cool cartoons and documentaries with ginette (and sometimes patrick), who were my niiiice hosts.


There was this one day when the weather over powered all my feelings for adventuring and I was trapped at their house, which is a pretty damn good place to be trapped at. I spent that day drawing most of the rooms

ette's: the living room

ette's: the living room (peeking into bedroom))

ette's: her room (wall 1 of ?)

ette's: the kittchin

I also drew some of the lovely people I met at TCAF!

some of the lovely people i met at tcaf


  1. Me gustan mucho los dibujos!

  2. Que Bonito! eso es con una brocha?

  3. gracias diego y julia!
    sí,.. bueno aunque mas bien yo le llamaría pincel, porque una brocha suena algo muy grande y este pincel es tan gordo como la mitad de un dedo, o algo así...