Apr 19, 2011

Zoologico print-me color-me fill-in-me zine


Zoológico is a PDF zine that compiles 23 pages from my sketchbooks. Most of them have never seen before, and those which you recognize are some of my favorite sketchbook work (and I hope yours too!)
Each page comes in an 8x10 in format and in high resolution, and you can print them professionally or at home. You can do whatever you want with these pages: color them, cut them up, burn them or even eat them!!!

All this for just 5 USD! What a steal! Get it now or repent > : )

As soon as I receive the email notice of your payment I will personally email you the PDF

(tho I'm no machine, so please allow me up to 12hrs to reply)

I made this zine mainly because I have accumulated a bunch of nice sketchbook pages and at the same time I got this big hole in my pocket which would be nice to fill a bit before I leave for TCAF in a few weeks. I won't be selling this in print, but I'll be having other cool junk instead! (Stay tooned)

Apr 13, 2011


duotone illustration for Monocromo 14


Moncromo is a group of cool wierdos from Morelia who change the format and content with each issue. This one comes in a dvd box with an accordeon of illustrations and a music cd. My boyfriend is also in this number ; )


something for the comics newspaper pood 3