Feb 27, 2011

kat kite's first flight

kat kite

kat kite face

kat kite tail

This is a kat kite I made for the First Flight show that will be opening next saturday in Philly!
Don't miss it if yr close! it promises grand things (& food)

for more info visit:

faceboook event


p.s. thnx to mand for the invite!

Feb 21, 2011

mi clase: darme las tres

my school (& life) notebook right now..

skbk feb 01


{{ random cutouts & shiny tape, interior yellow boy sticker from paulina }}

skbk feb 03

skbk feb 04

skbk feb 05

skbk feb 06

I have an idea for a comic... (finally!) will be ready for tcaf this year (..?!?!?)

Feb 8, 2011


Here are my pieces for Game Over 4, a videogame themed show
happening from March 4th to the 30th at Giant Robot San Francisco.

forest of illusion

ghost house

star road

I'm really excited about this show because it's about VIDEOGAMES and it's gonna have a lot of cool people in it!!! You should def not miss it if you're in the area!

Also they printed one of these (the red one) as the show's postcard so if you go make sure to grab one : )

Feb 2, 2011

enero y tu barba de estrellas

barba de estrellas

This month started really good. Lots of good stuff coming for this year!
To start off, I did the personal invitation you can see below
for my friend María José's super rasta 22 bday partii!

soul shake down partii

I also did this illustrated time-line of my "fashion style" super inspired by Mel Stringer.
I still wear most of these clothes up till today tho...

me from 2000 to 2010